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Foodhall closed for three days
Due to installation of emergency fire sprinkler equipment on the groundfloor of the One Eloff building, the Joziburg Foodhall will be closed for business on Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 October. We will again be open from Friday 21 October onwards. Construction of balconies along the lane is underway too and shops such as Zari’s Espresso Bar, Zombie Chefs and Munchies will be closed at times. Please check with individual shops before visiting them this week.

However, the Joziburg Tasting Bar and Cramers Coffee (all serving into the lane) will remain open on these days.


Foodhall & Lane Shops
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm
plus Friday nights till 10pm.

Joziburg Tasting Bar
Tuesday – Saturday 12 noon – 9pm.

JoburgPlaces Talk, Walk & Lunch Tours
Tuesday – Saturday, 9am-2pm

Additional pop-up deli stalls in the foodhall
Friday night & Saturday daytime.

A mammoth yellow-and-blue structure in south-central Johannesburg is fast becoming an icon of the city’s reinvention. Reminiscent of an Art Deco cruise ship anchored in a large city port, this gigantic building was once at the heart of Joburg’s Motor Town. Home to swanky cars in the 1950s and later to OK Bazaars, this city landmark fell upon hard times eventually, standing derelict and vacant on the edge of the city.

However, downtown is rising once again. The giant of south-central Johannesburg is now known as No. One Eloff, home to 320  loft-style rental apartments in what used the be empty parking garages just over a year ago. And with the new energy brought by residents, the ground-floor of No. One Eloff is morphing into the heart of the urban hustle and home of the grind. Under construction are several office and retail projects, tapping into the frenetic culture of Joburg’s retail entrepreneurs.

Amidst this bustle, the Joziburg Lane offers respite – here Joburg’s people gather to lounge in the sun and to tantalize their taste buds. The Joziburg Lane is a hidden gem – an alleyway that runs along the side of the No. One Eloff building, lined with bespoke shops, eateries, artist spaces and culminating in the Joziburg Foodhall with its tasting bar, deli and foodstalls. Behind that is the massive Joziburg Events Hall – a massive, warehouse-style events space that can host up to 1500 people.



It is not gentrification, it is regeneration!
Joziburg Lane and No. One Eloff got featured in the UK’s Guardian newspaper – see

While we feel privileged to receive such coverage and remain keen to encourage debate about inner-city regeneration, we take exception with aspects of the article. The article has various versions on the internet, but the Facebook link contains a headline “Johannesburg projects replicate apartheid city in name of development”. How did this paper get its headline so wrong? Joburg’s regeneration story is quite inspiring in our opinion and the opposite of replicating apartheid!

A city that was once governed by apartheid policies and reserved for white people, is today an incredible melting point of people and cultures from all over South Africa, Africa and the world. A silent revolution has taken place through the development of many thousands of affordable, residential, rental apartments in the city in recent years. These cater mostly for the emerging middle class. Rentals vary from R2000 to R5500 rand a month, mostly. The residents are predominantly black, lived in townships before and are now moving into town, saving their transport money and spending their income in town, supporting small, local, entrepreneurial retail and entertainment businesses.

We ask how could this be replicating the apartheid city? In fact it is doing the opposite. It is creating a new emerging economy in town, it has transformed the demographics of this city and it is something that all South Africans should be proud of. It is also what the No. One Eloff building and the Joziburg Lane is all about…

No. One Eloff comprises 320 loft-style affordable apartments, providing a launching pad for people to come and live in the city. It is a story of local investment, upgrades and the creation of opportunities. Just look at smartly-dressed Webster, the friendly doorman of this building. His job is one of many created here. Perhaps the Guardian has forgotten that a passbook was required for black people to work in town during the apartheid years. Today’s regeneration is actually erasing the scars of apartheid, slowly but surely, step by step, making Johannesburg an inclusive city.

Apart from the individual shops and traders at the Joziburg Lane, the business operation itself has created eight full-time, sustainable jobs in the last three months. We are proud of helping to grow, train and develop young people who do their jobs passionately. From a full time tour guide to great bar men, deli operators, food preparers, cleaners and a fantastic events and management team, the Joziburg Lane is about creating a new, better Johannesburg that offers opportunities and makes the best of the human capital of this city.

The entire inner-city’s regeneration is about creating a new equitable South Africa. It has nothing to do with replicating apartheid South Africa. Go to the suburbs and the fenced-in estates if you want to see apartheid-era planning replicated. In town we are free, proud and committed to create a better world!

The Guardian wrote about hipster men in beards wearing Bermuda shorts and pouring pomegranate juice at the Joziburg Lane. Funny, we have never seen these men at the lane… In fact, study our foodhall traders and see that we are all about growing local, South African food entrepreneurs and promoting local production.

The Joziburg Tasting Bar specialises in a selection of small-batch, South African produced beers, wines and spirits, rather than stocking the widely available commercial drinks. Look at a beer like Embombi, produced by a young, black Joburg-based brewer. Look at Makoshom that cooks fantastic traditional South African food. Look at Jeff’s Eats, run by the passionate Koshila who cooks fresh food every day, rolling out her own samoosa dough every morning. Look at Eliza in the Joziburg Deli foodstall who has learnt how to cook really exceptional South African streetfood. Chat to Casper in the deli itself where he serves great South African cheeses on platters. Meet Charlie and Hilton in the bar. See jobs being created in front of your eyes. See young South Africans working hard to create a better society.

The Joziburg Lane is not about bringing wealthy hipsters to town and pushing poor people out. Instead, the Joziburg Lane is about local entrepreneurship. Meet Lekunuthu and Mpho from Cramers who serves really fantastic African-produced coffee. Togther, we are growing a new, emerging, local city economy. We create jobs. We have fun too and we are grateful for each and every customer frequenting the lane.

We are excited about the future of Johannesburg. We do believe that each and every, empty private-owned and government-owned office building should be converted to housing. We do believe the city council should provide more housing for the poor. But we firstly believe that the private sector should create apartment blocks that cater for a mix of income groups. The people living in these buildings will spend their money on the streets of Joburg. More businesses will open and more people will be employed. This is what we do: we are part of the solution. We do not ask for aid. We ask for people to invest in the city. Johannesburg has a great history and heritage of overcoming the odds. Today’s Joburg can overcome the odds too. Joburg is about to enter the greatest period in its history… and the Joziburg Lane wants to be part of that period.

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    The team at Converse are throwing another epic party and we want you to be there. This October - Converse presents Counter Climate. Join us at Joziburg Lane in Johannesburg on the 28th October, featuring: Themba Lunacy Half 'n Half Sol Gems Bye Beneco December Streets Reason Jazzuelle Get your tickets now.

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    Yes we have a massive events hall that can be booked for large-scale events BUT we are also able to cater for intimate office parties and medium-sized year-end functions.

    Groups of up to 100 people can book a set-menu in our foodhall at a per-person rate without any additional venue hire. Bookings are NOT for exclusive use but for table space within our foodhall that is open to the public and other bookings too. However, we have several spaces that can be rented privately at an additional venue hire too.

    Email for more information. Lisa Walker, our events manager will then be in touch to look after your event.

    Example of one of our set-menu options:

    OPTION 1: STANDARD MENU: R350 per person

    Welcome drink
    Cordial & Sparkling water
    Rose & Raspberry Kuhestan cordial with sparkling water and ice

    Starter plate
    Feta & Olive Spinach Wrap + Caprese salad
    Locally-sourced Feta & Olives, wrapped in a garden-picked spinach leave and served with coriander (danya) chutney. So simple but delicious – a taste sensation
    Three cherry-tomatoes, served ‘hamburger’-style (cut in half and filled with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and basil chutney)

    Main course: Street-food plate
    A delectable, plated meal, comprising:
    Lamb sausage with caramelised apricots
    Thai-Chilli Chicken strips
    Joziburg salad (garden greens, feta, olives and cherry tomatoes with a basil sauce)
    Two samoosas
    Traditional dumpling

    A trio of mini pastries or a slice of cheese with sweet olives
    A mini-traditional milk tart, drizzled with Amarula cream, combined with a mini wafer and jam tart

    Slice of Camembert-cheese with vanilla drizzle and three blackberry-infused olives.

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